What my clients say and achieve!

Kylene Anderson
Kylene Anderson

“Trust in the Training” – 12 Week Program   In my final week as part of my first 12 week program I asked Andrew if we could have a fun week and go for my Personal Bests. He agreed and mentioned that we’re doing deadlifts. I was stunned and confused, and then thought to myself, ‘I’m never going to get over my personal best of 110kg, we don’t even train for it….??’.
I achieved a PB of 130kg! I went for a 140kg and couldn’t get it. I couldn’t believe it! I don’t even train for this…. His response was “Trust in the training. Next program will include deadlifts”.

Kym Buck Before and After

“In the end, I shredded over half my body fat, lost about 5kgs, and gained about 4kgs of muscle. I went from only being able to do 1.5 laps on the prowler with no weight, to up to 10 laps with up to 30kg plates on them! I smashed all my weights sessions, and was doing up to 4 times a week HIIT training before work. It was amazing seeing the changes my body was making, and it gave me so much more motivation and such a good outlook on life. I found myself waking up so much happier every morning, I feel great, I can wear what I want and feel confident!”

Monika Doskocilovo

‘From fitness model to figure competitor.’

“I’ve been training with Andrew over one year now, usually twice a week. I’ve been competing now for around three years in Bikini/Fitness model divisions but in November 2014 I decided to move and compete in IFBB Figure division. It was a big step for me and one of the main goals was to build as much lean muscles as possible. First IFBB competition was in March 2015, Andrew did my competition preparation include training and diet but also helped me mentally to never give up!

What I like about Andrew is that he knows how to motivate me; he makes each of my training session challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals.”

Arron Johns Before and After

” I work out with Andrew on a weekly basis. Prior to working with Andrew I’d always struggled to maintain a routine and find a love for the gym, I’d spend three weeks going then at least six weeks off. Having recently turned 30 I was determined that I would enter my 30’s looking and feeling my best to date.
…Andrew has pushed my body to levels I would always tell myself were not possible. Andrew is a firm believer in mind over matter. He will literally have me screaming and shouting the gym floor down, I always thought these people were being over the top but I now eat those words frequently.
…Andrew set the challenge of getting down to 75 kilos which seemed impossible, especially getting below the 80 mark. This year I have lost over 10 kilos now weighing in at just under 75 kilos, I finally have abs and have started finding my love for the gym! Next step is further definition and adding more muscle. The work outs are killing me!
…Want someone who will really make you push yourself and won’t let you/doesn’t believe in giving up? Then Andrew is your man.
Word of warning! Leg day and your legs will never feel the same again!”

Filip Vacek

“I started training with Andrew few months ago when I decided I want to step on stage again as a Physique competitor. I asked Andrew if he would be able to help me to get ready and his attitude and positive comeback made me feel like I’m in right hands!
Andrew has a great knowledge and he knows exactly what kind of training to put me through! And let me tell you, he doesn’t go easy on me! I asked him to push me over my limits and that’s exactly what I got from training with him!
Everything was explained in few different ways to make sure I understand what I’m doing!  I know I can 100% rely on him! He has a great approach and is friendly, funny, focused, motivating and very helpful! He’s definitely one of the best!”


“My consistent training started back when i was 21 and half years old to current 27.. My transformation could not have come so far if it wasn’t for the training, nutrtion and motivation from Andrew.  The strictness of form with correct dieting has excelled me to my current weight 95kgs. I started at 67kgs and struggled to excel past 79kgs..

To improve my knowledge of nutrition and also training methods was truly the reason to my current state. Andrew helped me train in many different ways and am amazed how much he knows and how effective his knowledge and help has done. Great guy and great inspiration.”


” It has been a great pleasure and experience working with Andrew as my trainer. I have now trained twice to three times a week for the past 5 months and his training has contributed towards my 30kg weight loss. I weighed in at 110kg and I’m now at 80kg! Not only have I lost the weight but I’ve gained muscle mass and I’ve toned up. I couldn’t have done it without Andrew.   Andrew incorporated programs that push me to my limit which has been good for my success. Andrew varies the exercises so that I will not get bored doing the same thing each session. I feel he seriously cares about my success and has always given the right advice regarding my diet, weight techniques and supplementations. I would recommend anyone looking to achieve fitness goals to have try physique transformation coaching.”

Michael Elias Before and After
Michael Elias

“When I enrolled in a 12 week fat loss program, I was 100kg with a 30.5% body fat percentage. After 12 weeks I was down to 89kg and a 19.5% body fat percentage. Amazing results that I have to thank Andrew Menechian for. With his guidance and professional advice I achieved these results.  He helped me set up my nutrition plan and in combination with Andrew’s sessions I could literally see the fat melt away from my body. I’m so impressed with the results that I signed up for another 12 week program. I feel this is only the beginning  my journey to transform my body. Thanks Andrew!”

Kartik Ganesh Before and After
Kartik Ganesh

“I have been training in gyms but without the knowledge of proper technique. My strength and my weight was not decreasing and I had reached a stage where I had to do something about ASAP as I was graduating from university and I was looking for jobs. For this I needed to develop a smart personality and a slim look. I am very short for my age I was short and was type 1 obese weighing 69kg.

When I decided to start I wanted a trainer who would teach me to push hard beyond my limits. My trainer is Andrew Menechian, a trainer who I found to know his stuff and was really nice to me. We have been getting along very well and due to his great training in 12 weeks I have lost 14kg and gained lean muscle. I have another 12 weeks with him and I know that I will lose more body fat, gain lean muscle and reach my goal of having a good V shape body.

Lastly, Andrew has really helped me gain strength, so now whenever I have a new exercise to do I push hard and never give up and each time I do it gets easier. I’m looking forward to the next 3 months Andrew.”

Tamara Smith - 12 Week Transformation
Tamara Smith - 12 Week Transformation
Janelle Harvey - 12 Week Transformation
Janelle Harvey - 12 Week Transformation
Johnny's 12 Week Transformation
Johnny's 12 Week Transformation
Sean Bryson - 8 Week Transformation
Sean Bryson - 8 Week Transformation